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 be a voice, 

 not an echo.

 Shades of Love LKN 


What is Shades of LOVE LKN? 

Shades of Love LKN is a 501(c)3 non-profit community organization that was founded in June 2016 to help bridge together our communities, and our country through action, acceptance, understanding, and LOVE. To state it simply- we work to implement the concept of being strong, kind, and united as an individual and as a community.

The purpose of our organization is to unite as one regardless of a persons shade of skin, religious background, ethnicity, or anything else that society says should divide us. 

We advocate, educate, and empower communities to be proactive in partnering with local first responders to create and build trust and relationships. Serving as a resource outlet for many community needs, we take pride in giving hope to those without, and working towards a better reality for all. 

From backpack drives, adopting first responders, to serving our homeless and more, we make it a priority to make everyone in our community feel valued and included. 

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